Services provided by our Escorts

Massage you The lady rubs and massages you for relaxation and/or masturbating you to climax.

Massage Her You massage her for relaxation and/or masturbating her to climax

Breast Massage  You kiss, rub and massage her breasts

Lingerie Show She models sexy underwear, such as nighties, garter belts with stockings etc.

Bubble Bath She prepares a hot bubble bath for you and you bathe together if desired.

Hot French Oil Massage The lady warms massaging oil and massages you.

Body to Body Slide Where she massages your body with her breasts.

Strip Tease The lady dance while removing lingerie

Vibrator Show  The lady demonstrates her vibrator on both herself and you if desired

French Oral Sex of you and/or her

French 69 Oral Sex simultaneously

Exotic Movies Watching triple X movies together while masturbating

Straight Lay Conventional missionary intercourse

Half and Half A lady performs oral sex, bring the man to erection, but not climaxing and then conventional missionary intercourse with man climaxing

Reversed Half and Half Beginning with conventional intercourse, climaxing with oral sex.

Two Girl Show Two ladies perform with each other while you watch

Two Girl Party Two ladies attending to the man

Vibrator Party Let me titillate you… or you can do me

Fantasy Session Basically you can get what you want. Greek, Golden showers, Cross Dressing etc.